Domain names are the title of your website. Their purchase is included in the first year payment of 50 euros and after the first year, the renewal cost is included in the yearly payment of 30 euros p.a.

If you want one of the designs shown on the Designs page, please let me know the website number you choose. Alternatively, you can design your own website or ask me to design one with your ideas or by giving me the website address of one that you like the look of, so that it gives me an idea of what you want.

If you have another website and would like it copied, then hosted and maintained by me, the inclusive cost is 50 euros for the first year and then 30 euros a year thereafter. The 50 euros for the first year includes setup on my hosting account, making a copy of your website and maintenance for the year (complex coding or script can not be replicated) The maintenance comprises changes, additions and updates at any time. Please contact me for details.

The name servers for hosting with Ionos if you are using your own domain name:

  • NS1:
  • NS2:
  • NS3:
  • NS4: