If you want a free domain name, the initial cost for setting up and maintaining the website for the first year would be 50 euros. This includes:
  • Website choice, implementation and free ongoing maintenance
  • Up to ten pages
  • A link to your Paypal account if needed
  • A full year of hosting, backup and email services
  • Monitoring with Google Search Console

After the first year, if you still have a sub-domain name, the ongoing yearly cost would be 15 euros to include hosting, monitoring and website maintenance.

If you would like a free sub-domain name, please choose from one of the following. Just put your name after the www and before the domain name.

  • counsellor.es
  • counsellors.es
  • online-counsellor.com
  • online-counsellors.com

For example, if your name is Joe Smith and you want a sub-domain with counsellor.es, you might choose www.joesmith.counsellor.es or joe-smith.online-counsellor.com as your website name.

If you want one of the designs shown on the Designs page, please let me know the sub-domain name and website number you want. Alternatively, you can design your own or I can design one with your ideas and suggestions.