If you are a qualified therapist or life coach, you can purchase a therapy website from Counselling In France*. All the websites provided are fully inclusive of setup, search engine submission and Google verification. The yearly price includes the yearly domain name cost, email services with anti-spam, secure hosting and all changes.**

  • Choose from our designs or design your own 
  • Unlimited photos, logos or graphics
  • Up to ten pages which would include the home page and location map/contact details
  • Email services and secure hosting
  • A link to your Paypal account
  • For a reduced yearly price after first year, you can have a sub-domain*** name of your choice

(all sub-domain names are from the French website therapist.fr because counsellor.es has only just been launched.
If you choose to have a sub-domain name, it would be www.yourname.counsellor.es)



This website is administered by www.counsellinginfrance.com

* Counselling In France runs a group of website which include this one and Counselling In Spain
**Changes must be within reason, i.e. additions, alterations and changes to text and replacement of graphics, NOT a complete site revamp
***The cost of the (included in price) domain name is 23 p.a.
****Please note that ALL designs belong to Counselling In France and cannot be copied or used if you move hosting or control of the website